With the California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program, the state plans to run completely on clean energy by 2045 – a future rapidly approaching with our company’s effort as one of the best greenfield renewable energy developers in California, along with countless others in the fight against climate change. The challenge, then, is keeping our heads to the ground and being mindful of another future in mind.  Alcen Renewable is no stranger to engaging with the community, routinely participating in Earth Day festivities, spearheading American Wind Week events, along with donating and volunteering for community outreach efforts.

Alcen Renewable joined forces with Art & Heart Studio to establish an art program that encourages elementary students to submit drawings depicting a greener future. Programs like the Art & Heart Exhibit are part of our initiative to educate the public on the environmental benefits of a world no longer reliant on fossil fuels. A quick glance at all of the art program’s entries made abundantly clear that there was little need to educate these children about the role clean energy plays in our world. We simply gave them the canvas and the crayons to express their uniquely green ideas.

Third-grader Seyun Hwangbo received first place for her drawing of a clean and green, sunshine home. Teeming with plants grown “from energy,” as Seyun says, and clean energy powering an electronic piano.  Seyun sings of a life flourishing both creatively and organically. Plants are our friends in the fight against climate change. Plants use sunlight to synthesize carbon dioxide – a process that produces oxygen and reduces greenhouse gases warming the planet. Unchecked carbon emissions can hamper this process as plants can only photosynthesize at a certain temperature. Seyun’s drawing presents a simple and hopeful message: clean energy means a greener future.

Jeabeom Park’s second- depicted a boat that ran entirely on solar panels.  Created with the idea that “boats usually carry a lot of oil. So, when it breaks there can be an oil spill which can cause pollution.” Solar panels, as Jeabeom articulated, will greatly reduce the risk of pollution one boat at a time. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an average of 1.3 million gallons of petroleum are spilled into oceans each year. Jeabeom’s drawing is less a fantasy and more a necessity for commercial shipments and their everyday operations at sea. Just imagine bringing those pollution numbers down to 0. Park surely can.

Seyun and Jeabeom are part of a generation born with an awareness of climate change. As our COO Tao Kong points out, they are the future, which means they will lead the fight someday. The art exhibit showed a promising sign for future generations mindful of their carbon footprint and determined to be a part of a lasting change. It’s clear these children know exactly the kind of impact that a solar and wind farm will have towards a sustainable and breathable environment. Clear skies and lush greens were recurring elements in their entries, their vision of a greener future literally coloring the way they view the world. As students still early in their education, they are on the right path – a green path. But, it’s just the start. These bright minds will lead us to a brighter and cleaner future.