Here at Alcen, we believe in making way for a cleaner future for our planet. Every landowner who decides to install wind turbines or solar panels are investing in our future and making a positive impact on our world. We would like to bring attention to the importance of bringing awareness to American Wind Week. We strongly encourage our readers to do their own research into the benefits of renewable energy and to read into clean energy bills. We strongly believe that educating the public about renewable energy will lead our country to a cleaner state. By attending an event or posting on your social media, we are one step closer to bringing awareness of the importance of renewable energy.


How to get involved

Share About Wind Week on Social Media

Connect with Alcen Renewable on Facebook and Instagram, and use the hashtag #Americanwindweek to spread awareness about the many events across the US to celebrate wind energy and enter for your chance to win Alcen t-shirt and reusable bag!

Attend a Live Event

Every August the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) holds a conference for wind and renewable energy professionals from all over the world and in North America. This year the conference will be held in Indianapolis, but the events do not stop there.

National Wind Week hosts a few live events to celebrate how the power of wind works for our country. Elected officials and wind supporters all join together in these in-person events to learn more about wind power and its bright future in America.

On August 9th, the Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Wind Service Training Center in Orlando Florida is holding an open house at their state-of-the-art Wind Service Training Center where visitors can learn more about how wind turbines work, see wind turbine components up close and personal, and speak to the experts who design them and make them work.

On August 10th, the Cuyahoga County Fair in Ohio is joining American Wind Week to educate fair-goers on the benefits and practicalities of wind energy. In 2013, Cuyahoga County erected a wind turbine to provide electricity for their county fairs, along with a 2,000 sq. foot Energy Education Center to educate 500,000 annual visitors on renewable energy.

Also, on August 10th, Mesalands Community College in New Mexico will join with Pattern Energy and AWEA to facilitate an open house, facility tour, and reception to educate about wind power and its benefits. Mesalands Community College offers study in Applied Science and Technology Programming and is proud to support the future of clean energy. According to their website, “the purpose of the training workshop is to improve our skills as spokespeople for the wind industry. Representatives from the American Wind Energy Association will be leading the training.”

Request a Proclamation from your Mayor or Governor

Request that your state declares August 5 – 11, 2018 as American Wind Week through an official proclamation! Go to this link to discover how you can help your state’s governor and elected officials to honor American Wind Week and spread the word.

Let's celebrate #AmericanWindWeek!

Clean energy bills are making way for a cleaner future

Across America, senators are introducing bills to increase clean energy in their states. Right now, in 2018, we’re watching conversations from Alaska to Illinois to California, as more and more Americans want to see clean energy power our grids. These three clean energy bills indicate that important conversations are happening and people are embracing a more sustainable approach to power.

Investing in Clean Energy Technology and Research

The first, and perhaps most notable bill that’s rising in America is The Department of Energy Research and Innovation Act. Introduced by Lisa Murkowski, Republican Senator for Alaska, this bill aims to bring together companies, scientists, and universities who all want to increase America’s clean energy involvement as much as possible.

This bill would be the first broad authorization of research and development programs within the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. The bill would allow for the Office of Science to make the investments necessary to introduce as much clean energy as possible into the grid. Helping position America as a leader of science and tech innovation, and senators on both the democrat and republican sides agree that it’s a good move.

California Aims for 100 percent Renewable Energy by 2045.

For California, The California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program will seek to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses in California and everywhere. It aims to increase the state’s renewable energy goal to 60 percent by 2030 and to require entirely carbon-free electricity by 2045. This bill was introduced by Senator De Leon and is still being juggled back and forth on both sides. 

The other most important bill not just for California, but for other states too, is referred to as AB 81. A multi-state regional transmission system to organize how power would be dispersed across the western and mountain states. Backed by California governor Jerry Brown, this bill would merge California into the regional energy market, which would form a wholesale electricity market from Canada to Baja California.

Several prominent environmental groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and The Environmental Defense Fund, are backing the idea. Many environmentalists believe it will cut costs for energy consumers and bring more clean energy to California.

Most people in these conversations care about the environment, and they care about prioritizing clean energy in America. Until we reach clearer agreements on the best way to make that happen, we will continue having conversations – in our homes, schools, and in our government offices – to ensure the cleanest future for America.

Alcen Celebrating #AmericanWindWeek 2018!

It’s a wonderful experience to come together as a country and celebrate something so good for our collective future. With the efforts of countless elected officials, scientists, voters, and businesses, we can move America in the right direction and celebrate a future of clean energy.