Each of you has a story; start your next chapter with Alcen

“Success isn’t what others can see, but how you feel. It’s living your truth and doing what makes you truly happy.” Joining our renewable projects have brought landowners a higher sense of happiness and value. They understand how important their role is in the transition to a sustainable energy future. Now we look to you for the chance to give you not only the potential for a surprising return, but a sense of satisfaction knowing you’re preserving the clean air you breathe.

The Power is in your land

The Future is in our hands

We won't leave a page of your story blank

Our close-knit relationship with landowners has allowed us to see firsthand the true value of their property by listening to the stories behind them. We made it our personal mission to preserve your land so you can continue creating memories. Building a relationship takes trust, and trust takes care. That’s why we go the extra mile by taking on your troubles as if they are our own. We stay transparent by making ourselves constantly accessible by providing our direct line for you to call or text us.

Predictable Income

No Overhead Costs

Zero Maintenance

Little work required

Our Landowner Benefits

Competing Terms

Promising lease and purchasing options

Roadmap Strategy

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Brand Creation

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Brand Creation

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Relatively Flat Vacant, Desert, Farm Land with Limited Wetlands

Land Size

Solar (50+), Wind (500+) Contiguous Acres


No Endangered Species Habitats


Close Grid Access and Road Connection

1.Initial Contact

If we haven’t reached out to you, feel free to reach out to us. We’re able to assist you in evaluating your land to see if it has the resources needed to host a wind or solar project.

2.A Better Understanding

If we’re going to be working together, we must get to know each other a little better. We’re sure to make an impression when explaining who we are and what we do. We understand the importance of transparency.

3.Talks and Discussions

Feel free to ask us any question. We’ll be sure to have an answer for you. If you decide to lease your land for a renewable energy project, we’ll send out a lease for you to review.

4.Sign on the Dotted Line

After all your questions and concerns have been addressed, and you’ve decided to lease your land, you’ll need to have your lease signed and notarized before sending it back.

5.Your Contribution and Compensation

In return for helping Alcen Renewable achieve its mission of a sustainable energy future, you will be compensated with an extra source of income.

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Joi L Skinner, Site Acquisition Manager

“We believe that if you want to create something truly magnificent, you must be able to envision the end result and just go for it. It is with this belief that we are able to offer solutions to almost any challenge that may arise. We are flexible and champions of change. We look for innovative new ways to work smarter, not harder.”

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