If you live in Southern California, you will see various wind and solar farms on the way to the desert, like Joshua Tree, Mojave or Death Valley. However, you may not see either of these in the actual desert. And here is why:

Restoration of Desert Ecosystems- What does this mean?

Just like with wetlands, there is a protection and recovery over desert ecosystems.  Desert restoration aims to help these complex ecosystems recover from any natural or human damage.[1]  The desert is made up more of just wildlife and plants. One of the most important resources is minerals. [2]Within the desert, depending on which layer of earth you are on, you can find different kinds of rocks and minerals that are essential to our life. Valuable minerals are copper, iron, lead, gold, silver, excreta.

Ways Professionals are Protecting the Desert

  • Seeding is used to replace plants that have been damaged or overrun by non-native species
  • Planting protects the desert from flooding or dust from erosion
  • Soil manipulation is used to improve the health and livelihood of dry desert soil.
  • Water Management is crucial to restoration and done by contouring landscapes or installing irrigation equipment
  • Providing Cover for plants that are re-planted because the sun will evaporate the water that is needed for these plants to grow. The cover is temporary until the plants grow to a sustainable size and are used to the climate.

Ways You can Protect the Desert

  • If camping or visiting the desert, make sure to pick up after yourself.
  • Be aware of areas in the process of restoration
  • Do not damage vegetation, be careful where you step and leave plants alone
  • Camp only in designated areas

Our team at Alcen Renewable finds it crucial to protect our ecosystems. Wind and solar farms will not damage the environment but help make it better. Other renewable energies are natural and the best way to maintain these energy sources is to be mindful of our environment. Remember to pick up your trash no matter where you are, stay on trails, and participate in your local restoration days!


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[1] http://www.soil-tech.com/blog/5-techniques-to-successful-desert-restoration/