Here at Alcen Renewable (Alcen), our purpose goes beyond simply generating profits for our stakeholders. Not only do we take immense pride in bringing innovation and quality to our wind and solar power projects, but we also have a passion for the reversal of climate change. We understand that the process of transitioning to clean energy is a shared effort between many different individuals, organizations and decision-makers. Not only do we work with exceptionally motivated landowners, communities and corporations, but we also make a point to attend relevant networking and advocacy events within our industry, including the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) Wind Power on Capitol Hill 2017 event.

Some fortunate Alcen Renewable team members had the privilege of going to Washington D.C. to attend the AWEA Wind Power on Capitol Hill 2017 event. The event offered an opportunity for decision-makers and advocates in the wind energy industry to further inform the new president, as well as Congress, about the benefits of wind energy. This two-day event allowed us to learn from influential decision-makers about the future of wind development in the U.S., as well as how to network and establish long-term relationships with elected officials. On top of all that, we were also able to round-table with many decision-makers within the industry to establish the best practices to have our voices heard.

The Alcen Renewable team attended this incredible event for several reasons, one of which was to advocate for the wind power industry. Wind power has proven to be an increasingly beneficial asset to the economy, and we strongly believe that growth in this industry will be beneficial to everyone in the long term. The Alcen team also wanted the opportunity to be able to establish strong working relationships with other companies in the industry. Additionally, we were able to connect with our state and local representatives on a grass roots level. Another major reason for our visit was to have the opportunity to speak to federal level representatives and legislators about current issues going on within the wind industry. We had the privilege of meeting with many influential legislators and their staff.

Alcen ’s visit to the AWEA Wind Power on Capitol Hill 2017 event was a great success. As a group of individuals who are passionate about solving climate change as a benefit to the economy, the public and the environment, we were thrilled to have been able to meet with so many like-minded individuals. To have the chance to network and learn about the future of wind development with other companies and decision-makers in the clean energy industry, while having the honor to advocate for wind at our nation’s capital was a tremendous opportunity, and we look forward to participating in more AWEA events in the future.