We at Alcen Renewable are deeply invested in the future. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a sustainable environment through the wonders of utility-scale wind and solar development, but we assure you we’re not off and lost in the clouds. We make it a point to invest in other innovative causes beyond our own. Climate change is a human concern, and so is caring for our youth, which is why Alcen partnered with Together We Rise, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care and resources for foster youths.

As one of the best renewable energy developers here in California, we believe in fostering a better future. Together We Rise believes in bettering the foster care system by ensuring youths aren’t neglected, that they’re well taken care of and receive endless support.


Together We Rise seeks to transform the way kids experience foster care by collaborating with foster care agencies and community partners in service of foster youths across the country. The foster care transition is hard enough on a child as it is. Together We Rise advocates for a brighter future for foster youths and Alcen Renewable collaborated with the non-profit to help realize that dream for a foster care home here in the community.


One of the ways the non-profit provides for youths is through their Sweet Cases Program – an effort to remove trash bags that foster kids use to pack their belongings and provide them with a Sweet Case, a duffel bag already packed with essentials. No child should have to carry their belongings in a trash bag. Our amazing volunteers at Alcen Renewable sponsored the Sweet Cases campaign by setting up a fundraiser for a Sweet Case bundle to be donated.

These bundles came with a set of teddy bears, blankets, hygiene kits, coloring books, and crayons. Art materials were also provided for us to decorate each duffel bag and our team of volunteers took care in making every Sweet Case unique. Some drew a picturesque landscape of wind turbines (the duffels are blue, thus keenly matching the sky), others sketched colorful paw prints. A few others got really creative and drew scaled depictions of the ever-popular Minions, along with an irresistible (and energy-conducting) Pikachu. On top of the essentials provided in the bundle, we added shirts and an assortment of compact bags to make each Sweet Case a tiny bit sweeter.

Alcen’s collaboration with Together We Rise was deeply felt by our staff. Alcen Renewable has participated in countless community events where we’ve provided children with paper and crayons to draw pictures and write postcards that have gone on to decorate our offices. The Sweet Cases program, in a way, gave us the opportunity to return the favor.


That’s what Together We Rise is all about. Much of the non-profit organization’s staff were in the foster care system themselves. They give back and have created innovative engagement opportunities for others to do the same. Alcen Renewable rose to the opportunity. Care, we discovered, goes a long way. As one of our team members pointed out, “Something as small as a teddy bear can make a big difference.”

Investing in the future means investing in the community. We may be in the name of clean energy, but ultimately, Alcen Renewable strives for a better society. Whether it’s building utility-scale solar and wind farms or providing care and resources for foster children, for us it’s one and the same as echoed by our staff: “Renewable energy and community service guarantees that future generations have something to look forward to and hope for a better life.”


Alcen Renewable is invested in the future, in our youth. That places an even greater responsibility on us to realize the dream of a brighter, sustainable future. Together We Rise advocates for change. They are innovators in the foster care community. Their mission statement is much like our own. We are seeking to create a better future. The only way we can do that is by innovating together.