Earth Day is the largest civic-focused day of environmental action in the world and we at Alcen Renewable joined other organizations on the grassy lot in Uptown Whittier to promote an awareness of clean energy in the community. Past Earth Days have made history, from establishing the EPA, to the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. We were proud to participate in a local event and continue the clean energy initiative on a grassroots level. A veritable day of green, the stretch of kempt grass was a fitting platform for Alcen Renewable to inform the public of the sustainable energy solutions that solar and wind power provide, with some fun thrown in for good measure.

A bright pink dinosaur made the rounds to attract interest. It was only fitting considering our reliance on fossil fuels got us into this – just one example of the kind of amusement used to highlight an environmental concern. Families stopped by, interested in learning what they could do to decrease their carbon footprint, and we gave kids some paper, crayons, and a chance to add décor to our wall. We asked the children why Earth Day, or the Earth in general, matters to them:

“It’s our home.”


“Because it keeps us alive.”


Another hit right on the dinosaur’s nose, so to speak:


“Fossil fuels cause pollution.”

We were there to inform, yet the kids already seemed to be aware. (They, after all, will lead the fight someday.) It made us reassess. Why were we here?

To Celebrate


This movement began on April 22, 1970. What started as a grassroots march against the booming U.S. industrial development, resulting in unchecked carbon emissions, blossomed into a global event that promoted environmental sustainability. Countries were faced with the same problems, problems we are still trying to solve today, prompting renewed calls to end pollution, to regulate emissions, and spearhead recycling efforts. Earth Day is a celebration of past efforts that inspire our renewable energy initiatives today.

To Educate


Part of our job is to educate the public on what it is we do as one of the best renewable energy developers in California. We build utility-scale solar and wind farms to generate clean energy as part of an ongoing project to provide sustainable energy for all.  There’s a reason why clean energy is a cost-effective solution: it’s cheap. This presents a keen opportunity to invest in a global cause and offers incentive for farmers and landowners. Their land may already be providing for the economy, but a solar or wind farm lease allows for acres of unused land to provide in ways never thought possible. Solar panels and wind turbines produce both a cheaper and cleaner alternative to fossil fuels, which in the long run will offset our reliance on fossil fuels and reverse the effects of climate change – undoubtedly the biggest environmental crisis we’re facing today. Simply put, to invest in renewable energy is to invest in the future.

To Advocate


We are believers in the green initiatives that Earth Day stands for because without them, we wouldn’t exist. We are here because of Earth Day and for it. Our speaker at the event echoed the state’s own climate change goals: “By 2045, California hopes to be 100% renewable.” Clean energy has been the goal of Earth Day efforts since the movement’s focus on climate change at the turn of the millennium. It’s clear now more than ever that clean energy is the way forward and our presence at Earth Day events like in Whittier is meant to solidify that. We are part of the solution and we hope others will take the initiative and join our renewable energy project.


Why take up the cause? One of the kids at our booth drew a picture with the words, “Everybody deserves clean air.” Perhaps it doesn’t get any simpler than that.